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Developing a Photography Website

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During the early stages of the 2020 pandemic, I decided to utilize my time at home to enhance my web design skills and expand my portfolio. My friend Shelby, who was looking to improve her photography business website, had initially created a site using the free version of Wix. She was not looking to pay for a new website and I was looking to take on new projects to continue building my expertise in web development as well as bolster my portfolio. I offered to create a new website for her on my own server, using WordPress and the Divi builder, to practice my skills and help her better represent her photography work.

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Tools Used: 
  • Wordpress, Divi, phpMyAdmin

My Role: 
  • Project Manager, Web Developer


  • Created a new website for a friend's photography business during the 2020 pandemic

  • Chose to use WordPress and the Divi builder for its flexibility and ease of use

  • Overcame roadblocks such as photo optimization, site transfer, and managing multiple projects simultaneously


  • WordPress: Chosen as the content management system for its flexibility and customization options

  • Divi Builder: Utilized for its user-friendly interface and ability to create visually appealing elements such as parallax scroll effects and fluid galleries

  • Photo optimization tools: Used to optimize and enhance the images for faster loading times and improved user experience

Problems Solved:

Splash Page
About Page
  • Enhanced my web design skills and grew my portfolio while helping my friend improve her photography business website

  • Overcame challenges such as optimizing photos, transferring the site to a new domain, and managing multiple projects concurrently

  • Created a visually appealing and functional website with elements similar to Wix, using WordPress and the Divi builder, to better represent my friend's photography work and improve her online presence.

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