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I took Studio Art 365 as an elective credit while studying Experience Architecture at Michigan State University. During the class, I created a personal piece titled "b r o k e n" that represented the introduction of typography into my life. Using Adobe Illustrator, I explored the possibilities of typography as an art form and expressed myself creatively. I also spent time designing, creating, and presenting new and interesting forms of typography including my own personally designed original letter(s). I used real art-boards, an X-Acto knife, plotters, and cutting boards to frame my designs for presentation to my class.

Click here to download a sample of my type work >>

Tools Used: 
  • Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Plotter, Art-boards

My Role: 
  • Graphic Designer, Typographer  

My work:

  • As an Experience Architecture student at Michigan State University, I decided to take Studio Art 365 as an elective credit because of my interest in typography.

  • The class was challenging, with 3-hour studio classes three times a week from 6 pm to 9 pm, but I found the work to be incredibly rewarding.

  • While most projects required following specific typographic instructions, one project allowed us to let our imaginations run wild. This was especially meaningful to me as I was struggling with some personal issues at the time.

  • The piece I created was titled "b r o k e n" and represented the introduction of this new art form into my life. It portrayed a shattered life that could only find metaphorical resonance in newfound mediums.

  • I used Adobe Illustrator to create the piece, which features broken glass with typographic elements within the shards.

  • This project allowed me to express myself creatively and explore the possibilities of typography as an art form. It also provided a way for me to process some of the challenges I was facing during that semester.

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