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Business Managing and Web Developing for an Acappella Group

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During my time at Michigan State University, I was an active member of The Spartan Dischords, the premier all-male acapella group, from 2016 to 2020. As a dedicated member, I not only contributed to the group's performances as a tenor 2 singer and vocal percussionist, but also took on the role of Business Manager, where I managed the group's treasury, scheduled gigs, planned concerts, and booked road trips. Additionally, I utilized my skills in web design, graphic design, and content production to revamp the group's website, create design materials, and produce engaging online content. Overall, my work as Business Manager, Web Designer, and Content Producer for The Spartan Dischords contributed to the success and growth of the group, providing them with a modern website, professional design materials, and engaging online content that helped promote their performances, attract audiences, and enhance their overall brand.

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Tools Used: 
  • Wordpress, Divi, Musescore, Google Suite

My Role: 
  • Business Manager, Web Developer, Content Producer


  • Active member of Michigan State's premier all-male acapella group, The Spartan Dischords, from 2016 to 2020, serving as Business Manager during sophomore year.

  • Managed the treasury, scheduled gigs, planned concerts, and booked road trips for the group, including shows like "Dischords on Ice!", "Heart Throbz", and "Frosted Tips: an Ode to the 90's".

  • Established partnerships with events such as Lansing's How-To Halloween convention, the Michigan Apple Butter Festival, TEDxMSU, and SpartyWatch for group performances.

  • Designed the group's website, logo, and t-shirts, as well as show programs, social media advertisements, and posters.

  • Revamped the group's website using Divi and WordPress to create a user-friendly platform that showcased the group's music, videos, history, and contact information.

  • Arranged over 15 pieces of music for performance.

  • Produced, filmed, and edited much of the group's online content.


  • Utilized my unique background and skills in web design, graphic design, and content production to contribute to the success of The Spartan Dischords.

  • Collaborated with the group's members and leadership to understand their needs and preferences for the website, logo, t-shirts, and other design materials.

  • Conducted research on other acapella groups' websites and industry trends to ensure the website was modern, visually appealing, and user-friendly.

  • Utilized Divi and WordPress to create a customizable and responsive website that met the group's specific requirements, including sections for showcasing music, videos, history, and contact information.

  • Produced high-quality content, including videos and promotional materials, that represented the group's brand and captured their performances and activities.

Why the Work was Created and Problem Solved:

Home page
Members page
Music page
20th Accapalooza
First Web Revamp
Original Site
  • The Spartan Dischords had a rich history but lacked a modern and user-friendly website that could showcase their music, videos, and history to potential audiences.

  • The group needed a Business Manager to handle the financial and logistical aspects of their performances, concerts, and road trips.

  • As a member with a background in design and content production, I stepped up to create a new website that could serve as a hub for the group's activities and provide a professional online presence.

  • The website and other design materials I created helped promote the group's performances, attract new audiences, and streamline their communication and organization efforts.

  • The online content I produced helped increase the group's visibility and engagement on social media platforms, leading to a broader reach and increased interest in their performances.

our 2019 performance of "Hallelujah"

our 2016 performance of "Hold Back the River"

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